Hughes, Natalie

Hughes, Natalie

In Shepherd’s Bush, London, Natalie is a part of churchplanting work at New City (IPC), serving on staff as Music Director. Over the years, the Lord has led Natalie to serve with Serge missionaries in intern, apprentice, and longer term roles in west London churches. Having landed in the diverse borough of Shepherd’s Bush, with vast range of culture represented, this radiant spectrum of ethnicities is how Natalie answers the question, “what do you love most about London?” It’s the hub of nations, the multicultural people you inevitably meet when you do anything and everything in this city — and this is why we church plant here. Natalie’s passion for work at New City in London is just this, its multiethnic framework combined with the human longing for worship. As the congregation well represents nations from at least 10 different countries on any given Sunday, it’s of utmost joy that she serves in the church, getting weekly glimpses of the Revelation promise, His Kingdom come, with all peoples, tribes and tongues worshipping through song to King Jesus!
Natalie and her husband, Paul, live in west London, and find it a gift to be in such a multiethnic church. They both find it a joy to serve in the church, in specific through music and hospitality — food, fellowship, and fun! ...and you may just catch them breaking into a spontaneous jingle over a meal sometime, too.

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