Deakle, Courtney

Deakle, Courtney

Originally from Winston-Salem, N.C., Courtney grew up in a church community with deep ties to Serge missionaries. Hearing stories from and praying for cross-cultural workers around the globe planted a seed for missions in her heart early on.

Courtney studied Creative Writing and Psychology at East Carolina University and after graduating with a B.A. in English in May 2013, she spent two months as a Serge summer intern in Ireland.

In 2014 Courtney raised support, joined the Ireland Metro Team as an Apprentice, and served in Donabate Presbyterian church in Donabate, Ireland for two years.

During those two years Courtney worked primarily with the church's youth group and led summer interns (both American and Irish university students) through the summer internship in Ireland know as ""Encounter.""

In September 2016 Courtney returned to North Carolina to pursue continued education in Biblical Counseling with CCEF ( Courtney works part-time for Serge Missionary Member Care now--with a special focus on Apprentices. She is delighted and honored to encourage and care for Serge Apprentices as they give their lives away for the sake of the gospel.

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