Kibuye, Burundi, Needy Patient Fund

Kibuye, Burundi, Needy Patient Fund

Medical bills can place a strain on any family, more so if you are a subsistence farmer in one of the world's poorest countries. Laboratory tests and medications are often more than your limited means can bear, let alone transfusions of blood or major surgery. We created the Kibuye Hope Hospital Needy Patient Fund in order to remove the economic impediments for patients wishing to access medical care.

Donations directed to this fund will pass to the hospital where a team of Burundian hospital leaders will determine which patients are most in need of financial assistance. Watch the Serge-Kibuye team blog to see how your gifts are helping real families. For the patients and staff of Kibuye Hope Hospital we thank you for considering a gift to needy patients.

Goals of the Project:

  • To provide financial assistance to the patients of Kibuye Hope Hospital who cannot otherwise afford the necessary medical care.

  • To financially support the hospital (through the full payment of patient bills) so that it can meet its financial obligations.

Estimated Cost: $500-1,000/month

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