Missionary Care - Christmas Match

Missionary Care - Christmas Match

Missionary Care - Christmas Match until December 31st Missionary Care - Christmas Match until December 31st

People will go to hard places and do hard things for a really long time — if they know that someone has their back. To bring the gospel to a hurting world, they will take their families, learn languages, and change everything about their lives — if they have a gospel community caring for them.

But ask any former missionary why they left the field and one response will stand out: “We didn’t have the personal care we needed.”

Think of all the missionaries who’d still be serving today if only they’d had that vital emotional and spiritual support during a rough patch or a personal crisis.

When you give a gift to Serge Missionary Care – you are equipping missionaries as they navigate difficult situations - and helping to build long-lasting ministries - which results in greater kingdom impact.

And from now until December 31st, your gift will be MATCHED - dollar for dollar - up to $100,000!

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"It’s been over 20 years that we have had the privilege of serving overseas. We have undergone changes in jobs and locations, but we’ve always wanted to stay with Serge. Why? They take care of their people!"

– Serge Missionary In Kenya

Your gift provides:

  • Transitional Support
    Cross-cultural training, language learning, and help navigating options for children's education, are just some of the ways your support will help missionaries making cross-continental moves, build a strong foundation for their ministry and start having an impact faster.

  • Third Culture Kids Support
    We have a staff member whose entire job is to come alongside our missionaries with kids. They walk with the family and the kids through transitions into new countries, visits to the US, and schooling decisions all the way through college. With your help, we can continue to provide this service, by growing our staff as our missionary staff grows.

  • Medical Emergencies
    These happen even overseas, and with shocking frequency in remote areas. Our HR specialist negotiates great rates and coverage for our missionaries, and aids our Missionary Care Team in assisting during moments of crisis.

  • Spiritual and Emotional Health
    When you support Serge Missionary Care, you are providing counseling, crisis management, and mediation for teams, which help missionaries navigate the various conflicts and challenges that arise in difficult field work. This is important because it enables missionaries to stay on the field long-term, when they might otherwise have left, which means they can have a much greater impact.

Your gift enables Serge missionaries to stay focused on sharing the hope of Jesus with a frayed and hurting world.

Together, we can bear witness to the darkness being pushed back one heart at a time.

Be sure to have your check dated and postmarked by December 31st, or give via EFT before 3:30 pm EST on December 31st for it to count in your 2019 giving.

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