South Sudan Community Blessing Fund

South Sudan Community Blessing Fund

South Sudan Community Blessing Fund makes resources available for the needs of the community. It allows Serge to respond to the issues as they arise. In the past this fund has been able to supply provisions or school uniforms for Internally Displaced People (IDPs), who are like refugees that haven't crossed an international border. Such a fund has allowed Serge to set up a computer lab and build a latrine for a local school.

Sometimes we have specific projects in mind that we can get the word out about through prayer updates. Otherwise, when funds are already donated, we are able to respond quickly to needy situations we come across.

In the midst of ongoing violence and insecurity in the Mundri region, thousands of people have been displaced or had their homes, businesses, and farms destroyed. The Community Blessing Fund is also being used to provide food and medical relief to the Mundri community.

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