Missionary Care

Missionary Care


Ask many former missionaries who have served with other agencies why they've left the field and one response will stand out: “We didn’t have the support we needed.”

A Serge missionary couple recently wrote:"We've been with Serge for 16 years and have experienced over and over the practical care of our home office and the inspiring, pastoral care of our leadership. ... there's no other organization we'd rather work with."

To keep this level of care for Serge Missionaries, gifts from partners like you are invaluable.

Here's what your gift will provide:

“It’s been over 20 years that we have had the privilege of serving overseas. We have undergone changes in jobs and locations, but we’ve always wanted to stay with Serge. Why? They take care of their people!”
— Serge Missionary, serving in Kenya

When you provide emotional and spiritual support for missionaries as they navigate difficult situations, you help strengthen their ministries and help them stay on the field longer, which results in long-lasting kingdom impact.

With a gift today, you can save a missionary from burnout, crisis, being stranded in a foreign country without healthcare options – you can free them up to focus on loving people and sharing the gospel of grace.

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