Nyankunde Development Fund

Nyankunde Development Fund

Nyankunde Hospital is a 140 bed hospital in a rural part of eastern Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC). If you have seen the news, you likely know that DRC is plagued by poverty, corruption and disease.

As a result, doctors struggle to save lives because of the dark -- literally. Their solar panel systems are too old and don’t support even basic lights through the night.

They have difficulty accessing clean water to wash their hands at the hospital or to drink.

And the government lacks the funds to improve the infrastructure -- which means that lives are needlessly lost, as doctors struggle to find ways around the most basic problems.

But it doesn’t have to be this way. There are ways to make life better.

Dr. Michelle Doran, Dr. Patrick LaRochelle and his wife Anna LaRochelle, FNP are dedicated to helping people in Nyankunde by providing for their physical and spiritual needs.

But they need help. A lot of help. Help from you, if you’re willing.

Our goal with this project is to provide enough funding so that we can send qualified individuals to Nyankunde to help:

  • • Find a reliable water source
  • • Develop new ways to have stable electricity
  • • Improve the safety of the buildings
  • • Train Congolese workers to take over in maintenance and repairs.

Can you imagine what life could be like for this community, and how many people these doctors could save if only they had the most basic, functioning infrastructure?

Your support for the Nyankunde Development Fund would change the lives of so many people in Nyankunde and the DRC.

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