Julia Trygstad

Julia Trygstad

In 2013 Julia dedicated her life to Christ. In that same year, God planted a desire to serve in world missions in her heart. A passion to spread God's love to the world grew from the overwhelming grace she encountered. As she continued in her career as a special education teacher, her hope to "go and make disciples of all nations" remained.

She traveled to Vietnam as an English teacher and developed friendships with people who had very different worldviews. She got to share God’s love with these friends during regular discussions about “truth.” Not only this, but she had opportunities to proclaim the good news of God’s saving grace to people who had never even heard the name of Jesus. These experiences gave her joy she had never felt before.

After Vietnam, Julia moved to Prague, Czech Republic as a teacher. She lived there for two years attending Faith Community Church where she got plugged in and learned about Serge. After some ups and downs as a teacher there, God reminded her of this calling for missions. After a series of events that are too remarkably timed to be coincidental, Julia decided to follow God’s lead. She is now raising support to be an apprentice in Prague in the area of evangelism and discipleship.

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