Nyankunde Tree Planting and Environmental Stewardship

Nyankunde Tree Planting and Environmental Stewardship

Nyankunde, in the Democratic Republic of Congo, is a patchwork quilt of cultivated fields surrounded by mango, avocado and eucalyptus trees. Our missionaries and the people that live there are blessed to live on fertile ground...

But that may not be true for long.

Poverty and malnutrition run rampant in Nyankunde. Jobs are few. And families are dependent on their fields to provide income. But as the population quickly grows  - there’s one important way they aren’t keeping up.

Too many of Nyankunde’s trees have been cut down with NO trees planted in their place - which means the villagers are at risk.

Risk of not having enough firewood for daily cooking their food. Risk of having enough trees that produce food. Risk of not being able to build proper houses for their families. Or protect their fields from erosion and flooding -  losing their income.

Trees are incredibly important for future of the people of Nyankunde.

But today, you can help turn things around.

Because God cares not only for our spiritual well-being but also our physical well-being, we are committed to not just sharing the gospel, but also helping bring about physical restoration as well.

We are launching the Nyankunde Tree Planting and Community Education Project to plant over 10,000 trees in Nyankunde, and to help share with the community about how to sustain their trees for long-term growth.

But we can’t do it alone.

With a gift today, you can help show the love of Christ with our Congolese neighbors.

$25, $50, or even $100 will help us:

  • Create a self-sustaining tree nursery in Nyankunde, and possibly several others in surrounding villages  (buy seeds, plant trees, pay workers)?
  • Plant more than 10,000 trees of various types in Nyankunde. ?
  • Educate the community through events where we discuss environmental stewardship of God’s creation.?
  • Share the gospel of God’s love for the people of Nyankunde through this restoration project.?

Please prayerfully consider supporting this project. Our missionaries in Nyankunde – and our Congolese neighbors—are grateful for your support.

This project will start in August 2018 and with your help, we should see measurable results of this project by July of 2019 Total cost to restore trees in Nyankunde  -- $3,295

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