Calvary Church Gorey Building Fund

Calvary Church Gorey Building Fund

Help Calvary Church Get New Space
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Vincent Quinlan is a pastor of a small growing church plant in Gorey, Ireland called Calvary Church. For years the church has rented a small Girls Club facility which has been an obstacle to church growth. It is small, rundown and an uninviting space.

Serge Ireland and Bruce Alwood have encouraged CCG to find another meeting space. After many unsuccessful attempts to find a good space, the opportunity to purchase a wonderful little building opened up a few weeks ago. This building would be an ideal space for this small growing church. With more room to gather and invite guests in, separate rooms for youth activities and Sunday School, and even a small kitchen to make refreshments and coffee/tea, it seems like a perfect fit. And with the Lord's provision, it would be a miraculous answer to prayer.

The total cost to purchase the building is €180,000. CCG has €40K in the bank. The goal is to raise the €140K difference to make this purchase possible!

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Small Girls Club facility that is too small for the church to expand, and uninviting to parishioners and guests

Help us Fund this new incredible building!

It includes much more room to grow, a kitchen, heating, A/C, room for youth and other activities, clubs, etc.

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