Nolan Chan

Nolan Chan

Nolan grew up in Diamond Bar, CA going to First Chinese Baptist Church of Walnut. There he learned that being a Christian means to give the entire will of our lives over to Christ. However, he also firmly believed he didn't want to give Christ lordship of his life.

He proceeded to go to University of California, Berkeley and earned a degree in Electrical Engineering and Computer Science in 2015. Along the way, he was loved on by many faithful older Christians, saw the terrors of his sin, and realized that the will of God was the most life-giving and safest place he could ever be. Through his college church's missional community, he learned how God works primarily through a local church body on mission for Christ.

After using Serge's book The Gospel-Centered Life For Teens to help start a discipleship program in his church's youth ministry, Nolan began seriously looking into Serge as a mission's organization. Attracted to Serge's primary focus of loving others out weakness and their value of the local church, he continued to investigate the organization and ultimately pursued, and was appointed, apprenticeship for 2020 - 2022 in London.

In Southall, Nolan is excited to serve alongside a local church body partnered with Serge to meet and share with people the story of Christ. He eagerly desires to see God's hand at work in people's day to day lives as they grow to understand how the Gospel touches every part of their life.

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