Sonship for the Next Generation

Sonship for the Next Generation

Sonship for the Next Generation
Richard Segal and Friends

The Future of Mentored Sonship

Connecting people to the grace of God changes everything.

There is no replacement for one-on-one mentoring. The power of another seasoned believer walking alongside another as they dive into hidden places in their heart with the gospel is - frankly irreplaceable.

Would you help ensure that we are able to continue offering Mentored Sonship for generations to come?

When we consider the kingdom impact just one person can have in their community, we know that an investment in Mentored Sonship will have exponential returns. And with a more-than-30-year track record, we have already seen the fruit bear out in the world.

Renewal Impact Graphic

Through Serge’s one-on-one Mentored Sonship course ministry leaders and believers are changing. As they learn to apply the gospel to their own lives, they are seeing their families, their work, and their communities change too. We want to continue to be able to offer this personal mentoring now and for future generations.

As our seasoned mentors begin to retire we want to recruit and train even more Sonship Mentors - so that even more people in the next generation can be trained in the gospel of grace.

Your generous gift will train believers and ministry leaders now and for the future. Thank you for considering how you can help us imbue more people with gospel identity and kingdom purpose — so that together we can change an entire culture and the world.

“It’s been a huge paradigm shift in our community. People are beginning to really look into their hearts. They see their jealousy, their idols… I see this creating change in people’s lives.”


A Special Opportunity to honor Sonship Mentor, Richard Segal

It would be hard to overestimate the exponential gospel impact Richard Segal has had in his years of ministry. For over 20 years he has poured himself out as a Sonship mentor — to walk with people as they grapple with the implications of the gospel in their lives.

And as people’s lives have been forever changed, they have then poured themselves out into their families and communities. The reach of Richard’s influence goes well beyond his mentees and coworkers’ love for him, but will continue to have ongoing kingdom impact long after his retirement.

As we celebrate Richard’s retirement, would you consider making a special gift in his honor?

Richard Segal + Wife

Your gift will ensure that this generation and the next will have the opportunity to have someone like Richard walk with them as they investigate gospel implications in their own lives.

If you have had the privilege of being mentored by Richard, we would like to invite you to leave him a note. Use the box below to let him know the impact he has had on your life and ministry. We will compile your notes into a book for Richard. Please submit your note by 12/15 to ensure it is included in the book.

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