Bundibugyo Emergency Relief Fund

Bundibugyo Emergency Relief Fund


Bundibugyo Emergency Relief Fund
Help is Needed

On Saturday, December 7, 2019 Bundibugyo District in Uganda, experienced three devastating landslides of rushing water and heavy boulders crashing down the nearby Rwenzori mountain slopes.

The force of this water, of earth, of stone, destroyed everything in it's path.

The Serge team in Bundibugyo bore witness to the aftermath – dozens of homes completely destroyed and over 20 people killed; talking to people in the community who within a few seconds had had their livelihood completely wiped out; boulders that were 8 feet across yet tossed like pebbles, and tragic stories of family members completely swept away, with no way to find them.

The death toll is still mounting as search and clean-up operations continue.

Both the water systems for Bundibugyo and Nyahuka (two main towns) were also damaged and our Serge team has begun to help with repairs. Lack of clean water in the aftermath of a flood could lead to cholera and more loss of life.

Being in such close proximity, with first hand information and direct contact with many of the affected communities, the Serge team in Bundibugyo is uniquely positioned for immediate response. Within a day they were providing emergency food to displaced families who had lost everything.

"Comfort, comfort ye my people“ introduces Advent, the longing and expectation of Jesus coming to rule this earth and make all things new and right.

If you would like to embody the Gospel by bringing comfort to people in Bundibugyo, please join us in rapidly delivering immediate relief packages for at least 100 families affected by this tragedy.

A gift of $300 today will buy a family 2 mattresses to sleep on, 5 blankets, 50 kg of rice, 50 kg of beans, and a set of sauce pans to cook in.

Any amount is appreciated so that we can continue to supply food and encouragement.

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Dr. Scott Myhre found this woman sitting on boulders where her home used to be. She had gone out that morning, as had her husband. She had only a small exercise book with some writing in it left. Many people were sorting through debris, finding anything salvageable, perhaps broken and dented roofing sheets that could provide temporary shelter. A few yards away, some of her neighbors had a home that was mostly destroyed but not completely leveled.

Like most disasters, economic injustice makes it worse for the poorest people. People who build houses on steep slopes, because the better land is taken. The ones who skimp on solid materials, because they can't afford them. The ones who do very little carbon emitting, but live in the tropical rain zones affected by post-industrial climate alterations. The ones who, when they lose a mattress and clothes and shoes and papers, have no bank account or insurance.

Please make a gift today to provide rapid relief packages for the families who have lost so much.

Together, we can be the hands of Jesus in a tragic time.

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