Daniel & Abigail Eguiluz

Daniel & Abigail Eguiluz

Daniel and Abigail were both born and raised in Lima, but had different experiences growing up. Abigail's parents nourished her faith from birth. In contrast, Daniel only came to learn what it means to trust in Jesus as Savior during his college years, after emigrating to the US. Daniel eventually returned to Peru to teach at the Evangelical Seminary of Lima (SEL). There he learned of the great need for theological training among Peruvian church leaders, many of whom lack the opportunity and resources to pursue any type of formal education.

Wishing to be better equipped to help meet that need, Daniel moved to Grand Rapids, Michigan, to pursue a doctoral degree. After marrying him in 2015, Abby joined Daniel in Grand Rapids and Nathaniel was born to them in 2017. As he worked on his degree, Daniel and Abby helped start a church plant in Grand Rapids. He is now a minister in the Presbyterian Church in America (PCA).

What Daniel and Abby love the most about working with Serge is our common passion for gospel-centered ministry. Daniel and Abby want to support Serge's overall mission by promoting spiritual renewal for all Lima through free, gospel-centered theological education and mentoring of church leaders from all backgrounds. Themselves coming from different traditions, Daniel and Abby want to serve the whole body of Christ and have a passion for the unity of the church. They are now expecting their second son, Matthias.

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