Nairobi E-zone Disaster Assistance Fund

Nairobi E-zone Disaster Assistance Fund

A poor Kenyan family eating outside on against a dirt wall In these challenging times of the worldwide pandemic of Coronavirus that is negatively impacting people all over the world in many ways, here in Nairobi we are becoming increasingly aware of great need around us. While we clearly feel the sense of isolation and inability to engage in our normal ministry activities, we know that we have comfortable, secure places to live, a salary coming in each month, and the support network of an organization and ministry partners that deeply care about us and our situation. Sadly, however, many of the people we work with and love are in truly desperate situations. As the government rightly attempts to control the spread of Coronavirus throughout the country, the measures they have taken have a huge impact on the millions of people who truly live day to day, earning through casual labor the money with which they purchase food and supplies for the next day.

While as a team we are not able to engage in a lot of the person-on-person ministry activities that comprise our normal schedules, we have been prayerfully considering how we can best love and help some of those who within our sphere of influence who are being so deeply impacted by this situation. To that end we have decided to enlist your help. As with the help of our most trusted ministry partners we assess financial needs of individual families, we would like to provide for chosen families $50 per month for the next three months to try to help them through the worst of this crisis. This will be a significant contribution toward helping them to meet basic needs like paying rent, purchasing food and supplies, and seeking medical help when needed.

We realize that many of you are also impacted financially in these times so we don’t make this appeal without an awareness that you also need to count the cost in your own expressions of commitment to God and his people. We only ask that your prayerfully consider joining with us financially in this effort by adopting a family or several families through a donation of $160 per family (The extra $10 covers all administrative costs).

Choose an amount to donate:

  • $50.00
  • $100.00
  • $250.00
  • $500.00
  • Other Amount:$



Select the appropriate value from the drop-down and then enter the name and address of the person you are giving on behalf of.
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