Chris and Jane French

Chris and Jane French

Chris and Jane joined Serge in 1994. Chris serves in the Jenkintown headquarters, where he is the IT manager. As the only full-time computer person on staff, Chris does a little bit of everything: programming, hardware and software maintenance, network oversight, user assistance, troubleshooting of all types, administration, quality assurance, and purchasing, among other things. Chris' work has evolved over the years as information technology has evolved. But he particularly enjoys coming up with new ways to use computers to automate routine office tasks, resulting in improved efficiency, better information and greater employee job satisfaction.

Jane is a former missionary with Arab World Ministries. Her main ministry with Serge is that of praying for its missionaries, a responsibility she takes very seriously and devotes much time to.

Chris and Jane have two adult daughters, one son-in-law, and two grandchildren.

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