Brent and Alisha Justice

Brent and Alisha Justice

Brent and Alisha met in Tifton, Ga., where Brent was born and raised. Alisha, a native of Broadway, Va., had moved to Georgia in 2010 for her first job as a clinical dietitian. In 2012 they met in a church small group Brent was leading. After wanting to date, yet continually not receiving a peace about the relationship from God, they discontinued their relationship while Alisha followed God's call to serve as an intern in Bundibugyo with the BundiNutrition program. When she returned the next year, they reconnected and after pursing the Lord's will for them, began a relationship which led to an engagement that led to a marriage in May 2014. The foundation that their relationship is built on is trust in God's providence and faithfulness, and His glorification in all aspects of their lives.

Brent and Alisha are serving in Bundibugyo, Uganda. Brent manages the mission compound including maintenance/construction projects. Brent enjoys creating and building furniture and plans to minister to the men in Bundibugyo though teaching skills classes and building at the wood shop. Brent also loves discipleship and hopes to create meaningful relationships to help men grow in their faith.

Alisha is a registered dietitian and leads the BundiNutrition program and works in the health center to treat severe acute malnutrition. Alisha's heart is in treating and preventing malnutrition and ministering to the mothers who visit the health center.

Brent and Alisha desire to minister to the people of Bundibugyo, Uganda, through living, working, and worshiping in a Gospel-centered, grace-driven community with the local people around them.

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